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Dear Members of the Lakehead University Faculty Association:

The Association and the Board of Governors met on Wednesday November 11, 2020 for a second day of mediated talks.

You will recall that the parties had originally agreed to two days of mediation on all issues, with the proviso that talks would focus initially on the pension issue.

In advance of Wednesday’s meeting, the Association prepared a new Three-Year Pension Proposal together with supporting financial analysis.

The University has now tabled a response to the Association’s proposal. It is the first proposal that the University has offered on pension since the commencement of negotiations on June 1, 2020.

LUFA will agree to further mediated talks provided there is substantive progress. Rather than full days, the Association favours short and more frequent meetings in evenings and on weekends if necessary.

The LUFA Negotiating Team is now in the process of preparing a response to the University’s proposal. If there is satisfactory movement on pension, then other monetary and non-monetary issues will be brought into direct conversation.

The LUFA Negotiating Team will continue to keep you informed of activities at the bargaining table.

We are very thankful for the work of the LUFA Action Team and truly appreciate the on-going support of the membership.

Please make sure you keep abreast of the issues through the LUFA Action Team, the LUFA Executive and General Membership meetings.


Your LUFA Negotiating Team

Ken Hartviksen – Chief Negotiator
Debra Gold
Jennifer Jarman
Camillo Lento
Taina Maki Chahal
Lynn Martin
Rob Mawhinney
Karen Poole

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