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About Trimax
 Started in the year 1995  Headquartered in Mumbai  70+ million dollar turnover with 20 offices across 7 countries  1700+ employees ( CCNA – 400, CCI - 3, MCSE – 300, ITIL

Certified – 10) across India servicing more than 350 Customers across more than 100 locations
 Backed by Banyan Tree Fund - anchor by FMO (Netherland) &

DEG Germany Private Equity
 Commenced operation by complete set of offerings as System

integration, Managed services and Data center
 Offers end-to-end solutions to meet IT needs of customers


Achievements & Recognitions
Achievements  Running Managed Network Services and Managed SaaS with BSNL in Partnership with Cisco and Microsoft  Partner of British Telecom for Managing their Domestic Links in India  Setting Up, Operating and Supporting Data Centre and DR Site for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Ltd  Setting Up, Operating and Supporting 1 Lakh Sq Ft of Data Centre at Bangalore

Recognitions  Accredited with the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 quality certification  Security operations center certified on ISO 27001  Empanelled System Integrator for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd  Recognized by international call centers & BPO, as their trusted IT vendor for products & services  Leading integrator to provide WAN solution over BSNL MPLSVPN network


Anywhere Anytime Presence  USA  Dubai  India  China  Bangkok  Singapore  Ahmedabad  Bengaluru  Chandigarh  Chennai  Coimbatore  Delhi  Gurgaon  Hyderabad  Jaipur  Kolkata  Mumbai  Pune 5 ITI-Trimax Datacenter. Bangalore .

Trimax Service Pillars Managed Services Network Services LA N/ Un if W AN Datacenter il Bu d s ied co mm En Co d-us mp e r uti ng IT Infrastructure e sid g rrve utin Se mp Co re wa ft So ce rvi Se 6 .

Contents 7 .

Trimax Service Offerings 01 System Integration Domain Training 05 Services Data Center Trimax Service Offering s Managed IT Services 03 02 04 8 Managed Network Services .

System Integration – Simplified Complexity Sectors Government and Public Sector Service offerings   Manufacturing       Banking and Finance Defence Telecom Call Center and BPO  Media and Education Turnkey Computerization ERP Implementation Data Centre Infrastructure Building Management Wide Area Networking Facility Management Services Training. Quality & Improvement Process Application Deployment Portal Designing. Deployment and Maintenance Supply Installation & Maintenance of IT Products 9 .

 Specialized team for deployment of Microsoft products  Expertise in deployment of Linux. UTM & firewall appliances. implementation & post sale support. structured cabling systems etc.  State of art software tools to monitor the deliverables such as delivery. server. Own and Run concepts of IT infrastructure solutions & services.  Accept challenges of Build. printers. Novell and SCO Unix. scanners.System Integration – Simplified Complexity Delivery Approach  Authorized reseller for world’s renowned IT products companies. 10 .  Product offering includes desktops.  Turnkey solutions on any hardware & software platform  Own team for remote Network. Desktop & Server Management.

Quotation and Closure Single Point of Contact for Implementation of Service and Support to Customer 11 . Customer Presentation.System Integration – Simplified Complexity Partnership to provide you with best-in-class services Managed Network Services Trimax runs Managed Network Services on BSNL Infrastructure Link & Router Monitoring Customer Interface Co-ordination with BSNL for issue Managed SaaS Services BSNL has launched Managed SaaS Services in partnership with Microsoft Hosted Messaging Service Live Trimax is the Managed Service Provider resolution Empanelled System Integrator of BSNL and Customer Interface Co-ordination with BSNL for issue Role of Trimax Only Partner for Delivering Managed resolution Role of Trimax Only Partner for Delivering Managed SaaS Network Services Adding more than 250 Link Management / Month Only Partner for Managed Messaging Services Services Generation of Leads.

BOOT – Integrated delivery with focus on quality and change management Trimax’s approach to solution delivery is based on the ITIL service management framework with strong project management and quality assurance Ongoing Project Management Service Quality Assurance Ongoing Change Management 12 .

Tapes and peripherals Management Services  Security & Network integration. booked tickets  Generates key reports like inspection. monitoring & maintenance  Identity and access management Application Services  Data migration and digitization  Application Integration  Firewall Configuration  Security Patches/ Updates  OS installations  Service Level Agreement (SLA) management (English to Marathi) Network Monitoring Tool Payment Gateway Integration Business Support System Off-the-shelf Products OS.Solution Components – Trimax has proven end-to-end solution capability Hardware Electronic Ticketing Software In-house Development ETIM application solution  Prints ticket with various rules and exceptions around concessions and special cases  Loads data and information around trips. Designed and Built Networking  Routers. Servers Data Center  Planned. other std s/w products BACK 13 . Internet connectivity (with cabling) Storage  Storage Area Network (SAN). Sys Admin) Infrastructure Services  Disaster Recovery  End-to-end IT Facilities (ETIM)  22500 Units Pass Reading devices Computing  Desktop. stage etc Online Reservation System (ORS) RFID Pass Authorization S/W Language Transliteration S/W Services Information system strategy 24X7 Helpdesk Training (Ops. UPS. Switches. Printers. Security ware.

management . AUDIT & CERTIFY Training & certifications 1 2 3 4 Facility certification People certification Process Training Datacenter Audit SUPPORT Train Manag e Suppo rt MANAGE Full lifecycle support of infrastructure systems 1 2 Service Delivery Service support Break fix and monitoring 1 Maintain 2 Monitor 14 .Datacenter approach – to innovation From evolution Trimax’s offers end-to-end Datacenter creation. PLAN Identification of business benefits INNOVATE Commercialization of new ideas 1 2 Breakthrough uses of technology Process improvements 1 Consult 2 Design Plan Innov ate Build BUILD Implementation of plans 1 Procure 2 Integrate 3 Deploy and innovation services to enable it’s customers to focus on their core competency of value creation.

computing. Validation and Evaluation Manage Service Delivery Assess network. Non IT Platforms IT and Best & Process / Practices Industry Certifications 15 .Datacenter lifecycle – approach A holistic Key steps undertaken to build. manage. train and innovate for both captive and third-party datacenters are: Plan Consult Mapping business need to datacenter requirements Build Design Procure Best in breed IT/Infrastru cture equipments Support Deploy Test and commission Integrate Integration of all sub systems Maintain Need based support and periodic reporting for IT Monitor Consistent monitoring of IT infrastructure and system on SLA basis Datacenter Design. Audit and Certify Training Certifications Audit Baseline Analysis of IT and Non IT Platforms Innovate Technology Breakthrough Driving Efficiency gain through usag e of new technologies Service Support Troubleshoot network and data center environment Process Improvement Baseline as is study for driving improvements GapIT. Review. and storage resources Train.

Datacenter – suite Well diversified services Data Center Services Hosting services Managed services Value added services Co-location Server mgmt Network mgmt DR & Managed storage Managed security AV streaming services Server hardening Vulnerability assessment Managed firewall Penetration testing Patch test & application Managed Intrusion detection Unified communicati ons Managed video surveillance Hosted call center Application specific web hosting like blog. star office Hosted Email Dedicated hosting Shared hosting Virtual private servers Basic server mgmt Managed OS Network device mgmt services Backup & restore Managed storage device Storage solutions Managed DB Managed load balancing DDoS Defense RIM services Launch Services Phase II services BACK 16 . social n/w. Proj. mgmt. CRM. games SaaS (ERP.

17 .Managed IT Services – Facility Management – Your back-end tasks remains our foremost responsibility  Involves an effective combination of people. both onsite and remotely. and undertake complete responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of your IT Infrastructure as per SLA. process and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure is in top operational condition  Our FMS clients receive IT infrastructure services in a prompt and organized manner to support uninterrupted business as usual  We cater to the 365x24x7 service demands.  Our services are backed by over a decade’s domain experience in providing products and services to clients across industry.

Managed IT Services – Service Offerings     Facility Management – Your back-end tasks remains our foremost responsibility  IT Helpdesk Services Call management Asset and inventory management Client recovery services Vendor management  Server / Systems Management        Desktop Management Network (WAN & LAN) Management Database Management Back-up Management Application Support Data-Center Management Mail Management Services 18 .

Novell. BFSI. SAP etc. Cisco. Government and IT/ITES sectors 19 . Oracle. Microsoft.Managed IT Services – Our Key Strengths Facility Management – Your back-end tasks remains our foremost responsibility  Our technical knowledge to offer direct support to large installation across diverse platform comes from our long standing association with Global leaders like Intel. HP.  We have committed and highly qualified professionals to support your IT requirements in the remotest possible region of India  State-of-the-art fully functional NOC/SOC delivering services remotely  We have years of experience in managing complete IT infrastructure for large and diverse client base from telecom. Lucent.

Config Call s 51 (69) 27 (24) 22 (18) Top2 Appl config Appl.Managed IT Services – service management Facility Management –Services are based on the leading practices in IT Reporting & MIS 20 5 300 250 200 6 150 100 50 0 Software(262) Desktop Configuration (152) Hardware (131) Coordination (86) Email (25) 20 0 79 3 7 10 5 183 146 11 120 8 78 3 22 10 0 5 0 0 7 10 7 9 5 5 4 6 6 7 3 8 COE(4 ) 4 Total SR 2 1 GR (2 ) S 8 E (2 7 PS 0 ) Total TT Prim us IB 0 ) (1 2 Chex(6 ) 0 Total TT Total SR Top 3 Category Software Hardware Total Calls 183 (165) 120 (98) 22 (19) Top 2 Sub Category Top1 Appl Config Loose Connect ion Appl Config Calls 113 (90) 29 (39) 18 (17) Top2 Phone Config Mouse Issue Archive 4(2) Calls 32 (49) 22 (19) Top3 Printer config Monitor issue Call s 11 (11) 14 (7) Top 3 Process EPS Primus IB Chex Total Calls 170 (165) 95 (92) 54 (54) Top 3 Sub Category Top1 Desktop Config Desktop Conf Appl. Config Desktop Conf Call s 41 (39) 16 (15) 7 (17) Top3 Phone Config Nwk cordnt Loose cntn Call s 13 (19) 12 (15) 4 (6) Email Coordination 78(52) Desktop Configuration 146 (183) 20 .

Managed IT Services –Facility Management – Services are based on the leading practices in IT service SLA Management management Service Level Agreement Service A Service B Service C IT Infrastructure Operation Level Agreements Underpinning Contracts Internal Organizations External Organizations 21 .

CHN Manager Technology.Managed IT Services –Facility Management — Services are based on the leading practices in IT service Escalation management Chart Final Level Fourth Level Third Level Manager Technology. GGN Second Level TL Technology. CHN & BLR TL Technology. CHD TL Technology. MUM TL Technology. MUM Head Technology DL Technology Manager Technology. GGN & CHD TL Technology. BGL First Level First Contact TL Global Service Desk Global Service Desk IPLC: 4000 22 .

Managed IT Services –Facility Management – Continuous improvement and best practices coupled by growth Service Management Business. Users Event/Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Service Desk Service Level Management Availability Management Capacity Management Financial Management Release Management Configuration Management IT Service Continuity Managemen Service Transition & Operation Service Strategy & Design 23 . Customer.

Managed IT Services –Facility Management – Continuous improvement and best practices coupled by growth Well-defined Project Management and change control procedures Collect Information on Project Status Project Initiating Phase Project Planning Phase Project Executive Phase Project Controlling Phase Project Closing Phase Control Project Scope Conduct Stakeholder Review Assess & Analyze Project Status & Performance Report Project Status Control Project Scope Control Project Resources Control Project Schedule Major Changes Control Project Schedule 24 .

Managed IT Services –Facility Management – Continuous improvement and best practices coupled by growth FMS Manpower Growth Sparsh 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Year 2006 58 35 11 0 115 IGS 122 Fis Reliance 135 Adventity 159 96 65 40 14 26 74 46 18 52 32 23 19 Year 2007 Year 2008 Year 2009 25 .

Managed IT Services – Trimax FMS Advantage  Facility Management – Continuous improvement and best practices coupled by growth Entirely Managed by Trimax Engineers  Qualified Technical staff  In-house Technical training programs  Training to support specific customer requirement  10% Bench strength to support the services  Highly experience Core Technical team at back office 26 .

Managed IT Services –Facility Management – Continuous improvement and best practices coupled by growth Best Practices followed at the site Weekly Meetings with MOM Trainings for Updating Engineers on Technology Soft skills ( Behavioral Training ) Employee Satisfaction ( Identifying STAR performers and giving them a growth path) Customer Satisfaction Survey and Analysis Process defined and followed Quality Control Procedures Confidential and Protected DATA Non Disclosure Agreement 27 .

 Our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). operated from our state of the art facility in Mumbai 28 .Managed IT Services – Our Operations in brief Remote Infrastructure Management – Assured health monitoring of your IT assets  Trimax draws on the skills and expertise of carefully chosen professionals to provide comprehensive and integrated infrastructure management remotely.

Managed IT Services – Remote Infrastructure Management – Assured health monitoring of your IT assets What we guarantee to our customers  24/7 operational monitoring  Single window that caters to all IT infrastructure needs  SLA based service management  Improved asset utilization  Reduced operational & maintenance cost  Secure and timely. fast services and support 29 .

configuration and implementation  Multiple Views / Executive reports  CTO/CIO  System/ Network Administrators 30 .Managed IT Services – Our differentiators Remote Infrastructure Management – Assured health monitoring of your IT assets  Extensive reporting (Trend and Real-time Analysis)  Optimized solution for low bandwidth connectivity  Secure and Scalable technology architecture  Integrated Knowledge base  Quick installation.

ISO 27001 certified  SLA visibility through checkpoints across the management team at all stages  Pro-active system monitoring and trending  Call monitoring through our dedicated quality team  Redundant connections to ensure guaranteed availability  Disaster Recovery Site in Bangalore 31 .Managed IT Services – monitoring operations Remote Infrastructure Management – Leading IT management and Our RIM service offerings  ITIL compliant processes.

Managed IT Services – and monitoring operations  Remote Infrastructure Management – Leading IT management Our RIM service offerings ITIL compliant processes. ISO 27001 certified  RIM Services Portfolio              Availability/Health Monitoring Usage Analysis Asset/Software License Tracking Change Management Preventive Maintenance Patch assessment and deployment Capacity Planning Application Monitoring & Management Failure/Fault Prediction & Management Security Reporting Performance Analysis/Bottlenecks IT Auditing and Accounting Network Management SLA visibility through checkpoints across the management team at all stages Proactive system monitoring and trending Call monitoring through our dedicated quality team Redundant connections to ensure guaranteed availability Disaster Recovery Site in Bangalore     32 .

Managed IT Services – Value to You Remote Infrastructure Management – Assured health monitoring of your IT assets Benefits to a partner Rich NOC without up-front investment Expert /skilled engineering support Free from operation issues No customization or training required as Benefits to an end. 300- 500 desktops and associated N/W the savings could be over 40% Higher User satisfaction with lower TCO BACK 33 . We offer flexibility in selection. Cost of Engineers are shared and hence customer do not pay for “idle” hours Trimax NOC is managed by Experienced per the evolving technology Service Managers and they review service with Customers periodically. For a customer with about 25 server.customer Get round the clock coverage.

Networking Services – connected business every time Secured and What we offer?     We manage all your communications. email. IP VPN VSAT C Ext. whether it is voice. fax or instant messaging End to end WAN solutions Data Network Infrastructure Point to Point leased circuits Managed Lease Line Network (MLLN) Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN Internet Leased Circuit. Ku band VoIP Teleprese nce Business Messaging Video Conferencin g  Web Conferenc ing Collaboration as a Service Voice Conferencin g   34 .

Networking Services – connected business every time Secured and Establishment backbone Network Operating Center  System Integration partners with BSNL & MTNL End to end WAN solutions on BSNL & MTNL ’s Data Network Infrastructure Point to Point leased circuits Managed Lease Line Network (MLLN) Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN Internet Leased Circuit. Chennai. Pune. Kolkata. IP VPN/ VSAT Bangalore Disaster Recovery Center  Pune Regional POP  Bangalore. Noida Ahmedabad Lucknow Mumbai Delhi BSNLs MPLS VPN Network Bangalore Kolkata Router Links Chennai Hyderabad 35 .

Instantaneous modifications of sites possible Disaster recovery SLA Driven Bandwidth on Demand Network monitoring right up to customers premises equipments Security.Only local lead at both the ends are to be built and charged Scalability .Networking Services – reliability remains our backbone Security and Benefits to a customer Ease of Implementation . Maintenance of Links is responsibility of the Service Provider Multicasting Same LAN addresses can be used Reduced network complexity 36 .

Networking Services – reliability remains our backbone Security and What we guarantee to our customers?  World-class operational processes  Industry’s best process driven NOC  Toll free access on 1800-233-3334  Round the clock availability on 24x7 basis  Single point of contact for accounts  Pool of more than 1000 highly skilled engineers  Presence across 20 cities scales reach  Increased ease in implementation  Takes care of fault localization 37 .

5% Affordable and reliable support to the customers’ business process and networks Online Monitoring Services B/W Manag ement Easy Billing Faster Resolution Reporting Parameters SLA Time to Implement New Link Penalty Target 99.Networking – Client The value we promise with our seamless delivery (Case Study) Business Challenge To provide Managed Services for connectivity across India in a cost effective manner with guaranteed SLAs for a duration of five years A large PSU bank with branch network in 27 of 28 States present across 4000 Locations in India The scope of work       Value Proposition Security Link Monitoring Faster Delivery Project Management for fresh connectivity Conversion of existing links under Managed Services Monitoring & Management of Links ISP Coordination Guaranteed SLA of 99.5% 18 Days 0% Customer Acknowledgement  Positive Voice of Customer Record Implementation of 200 New Links in 18 Days 38 .5% 21 Days 0% Current 99.

Networking – Name of the Product BSNL Easy Com BSNL Bizcom 64 BSNL Bizcom 128 BSNL Bizcom 256 BSNL Bizcom 512 BSNL Bizcom 1024 BSNL Bizcom 2048 Our spectrum of offerings Feature 24 X 7 Telephone Support Web Support All other Security Feature available as Add on Bandwidth Broadband 512 kbps 64 Kbps MPLS / Internet 128 Kbps MPLS / Internet 256 Kbps MPLS / Internet 512 Kbps MPLS / Internet 1024 Kbps MPLS / Internet 2048 Kbps MPLS / Internet On line Proactive Monitoring SLA-99% uptime ISDN Back up (in selected Models) Connectivity Options Bandwidth Options Firewall Security Broadband / Internet / MPLS VPN 64 / 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 / 2048 Mbps* State full Inspection Firewall User Defined Security Policies NAT/ PAT DMZ. 5 to 50 IPSec VPN Tunnels (as per plan) 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and Helpdesk support 99% Uptime guarantee for connectivity and CPE BACK Remote Access VPN Service level Agreement 39 . etc.

Networking. Red Hat Linux and allied Technology The vision is to “Train IT Human Resources for the requirements of today and projected IT needs of tomorrow.Future Perfect – development A journey into career What is Future Perfect? Trimax Future Perfect is all set with crafted courses. in the areas: Servers. Hardware.” Our associations ensure the predetermined industry standards 40 . to upgrade the skills of human resources in the IT industry.

CISCO and Red Hat. Tests and feedback systems ensure quality conduct of the courses. The courses carry a built-in provision of Job Assurance with the Principal organization.Future Perfect – development A journey into career Our Approach Regular assessments. Worldwide Recognitions of these courses can be realized through examinations conducted by parent organization like Microsoft. 41 .

 Network equipments.Future Perfect – development A journey into career Facilities are equipped with state of the art features Facilities and Infrastructure to ensure world-Class Teaching and Learning Environment :  Scalable Seminar hall  Up-to-date classrooms.  A well furnished Library  Internet connectivity and Software 42 .  Laboratories with Computers.

Future Perfect – development A journey into career Courses at a glance Career Courses Trimax Certified Engineer Trimax Network Specialist Core Curriculum provides a holistic view Modular Courses Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Red Hat Certified Engineer CISCO Certified Network Associate Hardware A+ Networking N+ Technology Courses Virtualization Data Centre Thin clients: Thick Servers Network Security MPLS: VPN Soft skills Customized Soft skill 43 .

These trainings will be in the areas of Networking Computers and IT. Regular interaction with Technocrats helps Trimax design courses to the satisfaction of everyone 44 . World Class laboratories complement practical with theory session are merged with practical sessions for a better impact. Students get exposure to the largest and latest technology implementation for hands-on experience by our affiliation with technology giants like:  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited  Acer Technologies  IBM  Dell  HP    These giants of Technology also help adding a cutting edge to the course contents.Future Perfect – while we equip others We prepare ourselves What we are doing?  Trimax Future Perfect is engaged with various State Government divisions to train the unemployed youth.

Contents 1 2 3 4 Company Overview Service offerings Why Trimax? Business Outlook 45 .

Trimax Vision and Value to Customers Trimax Vision Trusted. end-to-end Indian IT Infrastructure solution partner with pan India hinterland reach for both government and corporate enterprises Value to Customers 46 . vendor -neutral and value-based.

Joint Managing Director Has more than 15 years of experience in the field of finance especially IT domain A commerce graduate and holds a degree in computer management from Mumbai University Sunil Madrecha. 47 .Experienced and Stable Management Team Surya Prakash Madrecha. IT and Business Development. Chairman and Managing Director A technocrat having more than 15 years of experience in IT Hardware industry. Surya Prakash is a successful IT service business strategist Chandra Prakash Madrecha. He holds a BSC Degree from Rajasthan University He is a technocrat and has been involved with the company since its inception. Director Has been associated with Trimax for more than a decade and leads project development and process implementation for all the clients Holds a degree in computer science engineering He has honed his skill sets in the areas of Marketing.

48 . and SPANCO Telesystems & Solutions Ltd as a Vice President for 8 years Sudhanshu holds a BE from IIT. CFO & Head – Data Centre She is a Cost Accountant cum Company Secretary and is a Gold Medalist in Economics.Experienced and Stable Management Team Sudhanshu Tewari. Budget and Reports. and has been involved in IT ITES industries for last 10 years in 20 years of experience Rajesh Tapadia. Head – Pre Sales & Operations Rajesh holds BE in Computer Science degree with total 15+ yrs of rich experience His core competency are into Product Management. His responsibilities are to Plan the fund. Kanpur in India Giridhar Mangal. Head of Technology He carries experience of 15 Year in IT Industry Served various profiles in technology companies like Tricom as a CTO for 3 years. Senior Vice President – Finance & Accounts He carries competitive experience of more than 15 years in Accounts and Finance. He also looks after Finalization of Books of Accounts He is a qualified Chartered Accountant from ICAI Saraswathi Iyer. Practice Development Pre-sales and Bid Management. domestic and international.  Specialist having Leadership Experience with Global Data Center & Managed IT Service Providers . Service Creation and Service Delivery. She has been handling assignments both.

End-to-end IT Infrastructure Service Portfolio Client Side Computing  Lifecycle Enterprise Computing  Server Network Services  Network Infrastructure Security  Network Services  SaaS  Asset Planning and Management Optimization  Virtualization Services  Data Center Consolidation  Storage Lifecycle Management  Data Center Design & Build Planning & Designing  Performance Assessment  Unified Communications Strategy Planning & Designing  Performance Assessment  Unified Communications Strategy  Remote Desktop Management  FMS  IT Helpdesk  Server  Storage(SAN/ NAS)  OS & Database Management  Thin Client Administration  Data Center Deployment & Installation Services WAN/LAN VPN VoIP IP Telephony Wireless Remote Network Monitoring & Management  Messaging Services  Unified Communications  Tele-presence        Firewall Management  IDS/IPS  Unified Threat Management  Log Management  Identity Management  Antivirus/ Anti Spam 49 .

MCT. CCSP Outsourcing BPO/KPO Executives Service network  Centralized: Mumbai and (number of people) Bangalore  Branches: 11  Service centers: 48 Devices under management  Links: 4000  Others: Electronic Ticket Machines. CCNP. Systems for CTD/ JVVNL Datacenter capacity location Number of cities/towns serviced  Area: 75. CCSA.SCNA Security SNPA.End-to-end IT capabilities coupled by reach Key Statistics Desktop Server A+. MCP 500 205 190 10 600 MCSE. 50 .  Number of servers: 25 NOC capacity and  No of seats Cities .000 sqft. RHCT Network CCNA.Mumbai: 42 Bangalore: 40  61 Cities. CCSE. by 48 Service Centers and 13 Trimax Branches. N+.

RedHat.Ajax / MySQL/ PHP ( client server and web based development) Microsoft  ASP and ASP. Cicso. Nortel. presence in Tier II & Tier III cities across India  We work with customers to Trimax develop end-to-end IT infrastructure service that can manage IT environment seamlessly thereby enable clients to be more focused on core business growth and transformation. Lenovo. we offer highest quality of service at low total costs 51 . Juniper./ .  Integrator Global network service provide provider of choice with 1700 plus people serving customers of all firmsizes and across different industrial sectors  Being a value-based service provider.Net / SQL Server / C # / SQL Server Java Oracle  Mobile Computing + Support Locations.Benefits that Trimax brings to a customer Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd is an established system integrator helping enterprises and government to efficiently run and transform operations using IT Infrastructure solutions  Headquartered in Mumbai with 100  ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001 certified  Partnership with India’s biggest public sector telecommunications  Our other partners:  HP.NET/ VB. Microsoft Trimax has technical expertise in Lamp  Linux .

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Office Locations
Registered and Corporate Office 2nd Floor, Universal Mill Building, Mehra Estate, LBS Road, Vikroli (W), Mumbai 400 079. Chennai
Old No. 29, New No. 8, Cross Street, Lanbert Nagar, Virugam Bajam, Chennai 600092

A-106, Nilkanth Palace, Opp. Seema Hall, Satellite Road, 100 Feet, Ring Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad 380015.

No. 359, 7th Cross, 1st Block, Madhavan Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011

C – 126 Industrial Estate, Phase – 8, Mohali, Punjab

270/18, Sri Balaji Complex, 1st Floor, 7th Street Extension, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore 641012

Sant Ram Complex, 1st Floor, L – 3, Street No. 1, Mahipalpur Extention, New Delhi

No. 302, 3rd Floor, Raghava Ratna Tower, Chirag Ali Lane, ABIDS, Hydrebad 500001

U – 15 21 / 22 DLF Phase – III, Gurgaon, Haryana

F-2, Roshan Towers, Gopinath marg, M I Road, Purhitji Ka Baag, Jaipur.

First Level, Barve Memorial Complex, Junglee Maharaj Road, Pune

Premises . 115E, Lenin Sarai, 3rd Floor, P S Muchipara, Kolkata

Reach network across India Support Locations            Bhubaneswar Chennai Faridabad Guwhati Hubli Indore Jaipur Jammu Kochi Kottayam Kozikode           Ludhiana Madurai Mangalore Mohali Mysore Nashik Noida Patna Rajmundary Ranchi           Satara Secundarabad Shimla Silliguri Srinagar Thrissur Trichy Triventraum Vijay wada Vishakhapatnam 56 .

Contents 1 2 3 4 Company Overview Service offerings Why Trimax? Business Outlook 57 .

Trimax: A pioneer in IT Infrastructure and Managed Services Leadership  USD 70 million enterprise with more than 1700 + people working across 12 branches and 100 + support locations in India  1st Public Private Partnership in the data center space bringing in the stability of a PSU and the efficiency of an MNC   Leadership team with combined data center experience of 100+ years Strong and well known brand for IT Infrastructure and managed services Growth    Has achieved 100% CAGR over the past few years Significant revenue growth targeted – CAGR ~ 27% during 2009-15 Contribution of “services” to total revenues targeted to grow from 10% to 32% by 2015 58 .

Trimax: A pioneer in IT Infrastructure and Managed Services Profitability Emerge as a brand to the end customer and bid directly thereby improving profitability Contribution of high margin IT services to total revenues targeted to grow from 10% to 32% by 2015 Business Strategy Continue to grow Systems Integration and IT Services Businesses Clear focus on Government and SMB sector Account management drive for key focus accounts Further build Trimax as a brand 59 .

Datacenter partner.Had a steady rise over the years… Consolidating e-Governance segment  Commercial Tax Dept. Rajasthan  Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd BSNL Alliance sole MNS partner (Cisco) ITI.BOOT model Geographic expansionSingapore & China NOC set-up ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certification Early entrant into e-Governance  E-mitra (Jaipur) Empanelled SI of BSNL Sparsh & Intellinet: Infrastructure Managed Services MSRTC Ticketing Solution and Export of Software products Tie-ups with Microsoft for mailing and British Telecom for domestic Link Mgmt Strong growth in revenue and profitability built on the foundation of IT Infrastructure capabilities which presents a large market opportunities across both government and enterprises 60 .

4 20.9 2.2 7.6 13 0.17 0.5 Financial Summary Improved profitability and increased utilization of assets provides growth impetus to Trimax 61 .5 20 0.0 4 0.18 0.…marked by robust performance Financial Ratios Description 2010 (Audited) 2009 (Audited) 2008 (Audited) 2007 (Audited) PAT EBITDA ROA Debt / Equity 12.06 0.8 0.18 0.8 11.

…marked by robust performance Revenue Development Financial Summary Improved profitability and increased utilization of assets provides growth impetus to Trimax 62 .

significantly reducing the sub-con revenues Focus on strategic alliances and partnerships Leveraging partnerships to thrust the Managed Network Services business Increase level of partnerships and technology tie ups with OEMs Continue to improve operational efficiency Aggressive growth by focusing on high margin services Drive account focus to ensure repeatability of revenues 63 .Clear Strategy to grow faster than markets Focus on fastest growing regions and customer segments Consciously drive the bigger pie of Trimax revenues from Government sector Increase and optimize cross-selling in enterprise business Foray in new markets and products Leveraging mid and small market space Emerge as a brand to the end customer and bid directly.

and reduce risk Support responsiveness Quick turnarounds Employee productivity Automate process and provide secure anywhere access to information improves employee and resource efficiency Competitive Pricing: Trimax provides flexible pricing structure to suit all businesses now matter how large or small.A bouquet of benefits to our customers Established Local Business: Trimax has been serving local. Customers rely on us for their IT infrastructure services Price to suit your wallet and match your risk appetite Professional & Reliable Service: We provide a professional and expedient service and all work is carried out on time and on budget. We show a client ways to reduce the total cost of ownership by helping them build ‘end-to-end’ IT infrastructure. We work in association with clients in transforming their IT operations Seamless IT infrastructure can provide you with incremental benefits in process while managing long-term transformations Affordable and flexible Pricing Continuous Innovation The benefits which Trimax’s IT services provide to a customer Low cost of ownership TCO tracks the financial impact of deploying an information technology product over its Life cycle Infrastructure consulting and configuration allows faster deployment of end to end services with low defects Ability of IT processes and systems to respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur. drive greater efficiencies. national businesses for the last 15 years. enabling firms to capitalize on opportunities. We provide 'value for money service‘. 64 .

Sparsh. JVVNL BSNL. public and private sector organizations like MSRTC.   Focus on strategic growth      Strengthen revenues from Government and public sector Leverage mid and small market (SMB) space Provide customized and mobile-based solutions Increase and optimize cross-selling in enterprises Enhance capabilities through Technology Alliances and Acquisitions 65 . Data Centre. Trimax’s seamless IT infrastructure services has provided incremental benefits for clients while managing their long-term transformations Trimax customers range from small businesses to large enterprises. and Networking Firm has a vision to provide world class Integrated Systems. Intelenet and e-Funds. Solutions and services to the Customers  Proven Track record  Over the years. Trimax means Strong IT Infrastructure provider  Trimax IT infrastructure & Services Ltd. sub-contractors and direct as well A trusted name across government. from across government & enterprise sectors. ITI.In Conclusion. (Trimax) is a leading end-to-end service provider of IT Services and Solutions encompassing Integration. Management of IT Infrastructure. mainly through various channels like service partners.

Appendix Case Studies 66 .

20. backup. Partner Established in 1948 as 1st PSU under MoC.Datacenter Build– optimize cost and energy Space  1. 34 AO  Turnover of 2000 Crore (Approx)    Location Business challenge Bangalore. GOI  Contributes 70% of equipment to National Telecom Network  6 Manufacturing Plants. 12 RO. 67 Govt. Distribution & Access Layer)  Redundant Firewall  Redundant Fiber Network within Data Centre  Redundant Telco Cable till the Racks  Redundant Monitoring Solution Security  Conforming to ISO 27001  Perimeter Security with CCTV and Guards  Three Levels of Security – Access Card.00. Operate and Market 1. State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA). India Implement. of Karnataka1 ” . data hosting and related services  Scalable and secured next generation facilities to provide cost-effective solution  Results “ ITI Data Center is something that is required in present scenario.500 Sq Ft of Raised Floor Area  Another 30000 Sq Ft for Non IT Infrastructure Power  11 KVA feed from two Sub Stations  Redundant N+1 Transformer  (N + 1) Redundant DG Set  (2N +1) Redundant UPS System Cooling  (N+1) Redundant HVAC System  (N+1) Redundant PAC System Network  Bandwidth from Multiple Vendors on Fiber  Redundant Routers  Redundant Switches (Core .000 Sq Ft in Total  40000 Sq Ft DC to be Operational soon  12.000 Sq ft of Data Center on BOOT basis on a INR 220 crore outlay  Datacenter should be able to reduce power usage to achieve considerable cost savings  Flexible to manage energy requirements and space utilization Built one of the largest data center facility in the country with multi-density racks to offer web-hosting. Numeric Code and Biometric Scanning  CCTV Monitoring of Entire Facility with 30 Day Archival  Firewall from two different vendors running in High Availability Mode  Customized Security Policy for Customers on request  Different VLAN for different Customers/ Processes Infrastructure to Trimax has helped to design and deploy a data center which is India’s first and only IDC to support multi density racks with power requirements ranging from 4 KVA up to 14 KVA per rack.

concessions Machine handed to crew on duty On completion of trip.Pillars of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Turnkey Project Training ETIM Implementation Replaces current Manual Process of issuing tickets Easy input of info like routes. monthly frequency with special access rights 68 . data transfer from machine to server Depot Manager reviews reports Train-the-trainer Methodology at every depot level Online Reservation System Plan Travel (with Search) Get Fare/ Availability View Stops Book/ Cancel Tickets Online Payment & Refund User profile features like change password Data Center Build & Disaster Recovery State-of-the-art Data center set up at Mumbai Central Depot Disaster Recovery site at Pune Data Digitization & Migration Digitize manual data and migrate to current application Analytics & MIS Reports Over 100 reports with daily. fares. decadely.

Mumbai)  Phase I: Implementation and roll out for 72 locations across MH  Phase II: Implementation and roll out for 82 locations across MH  Phase III: Implementation and roll Transfer Strategy and Plan Train-the-trainer Roll out Plan Training (Sys Admin) Support & Maintenance Plan Phased Transfer Plan (to MSRTC) Transfer Stabilization Period Support out for 83 locations across MH Training (Operations)  MIS/ Reporting/ Analytics Build Operate Challenges  Provide citizen benefits with Transfer Solution  Maintain the 247 depots on Project in brief Automating the existing ticketing system by Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM) and Online Reservation System (ORS) for web and advanced booking of tickets online reservation  Operators can track revenue per bus and profitable routes  Enable fleet management  Reconcile public finances BOT model with uninterrupted operations of hardware.for the client  Building of DC at Mumbai & DR Site at Pune 69 . Own & Transfer – Helps MSTRC to operate efficiently standard solution frameworks guide our project methodology At Trimax. Operate.Project Model: Build. the which in turn delivers value in sustaining benefits for MSTRC  MSRTC Process Definition  Information System Strategy: Plan         Pilot Phase: 10 Locations (5 DO/ 5       and Design Hardware sourcing and deployment Network Design and Implementation Application Development and Testing IT Services Implementation Data Digitization Data Migration MIS/Reporting Depots. software and services involved for 5 years  Generates revenue of INR 400 million p.a.

 DEGS is a district level formation that works in sync with the state headquarter and facilitates the urban and rural finance collection. grievances and application resolution as well.  The objective of e-Mitra project is to work on Public Private Participation model (PPP) wherein certain public-related functional areas are outsourced to private organizations (termed LSP).  Different types of services available at Trimax e-Mitra Centre/ Kiosk Categories of services being provided  Agriculture  BSNL  Education  Electricity  Food  Forest  Irrigation  Medical & Health  Mines  Nagar Nigam/ Panchayati Raj  Nagar Nigam/ UHD/ JDA/ RHB  Panchayat  Panchayati Raj  PHED  Police  PWD  Revenue  Social Welfare  Transport  Treasury  Woman & Child Development  Other 70 .E-Mitra – technology Transforming governance through Rajasthan e-governance initiative  The Government of Rajasthan has formed an e-governance society named District E- Governance Society (DEGS).

E-Mitra – technology Transforming governance through Project in brief  E-governance project Challenges  Handle citizen friendly Solution  23 Kiosks across Jaipur which facilitates the urban and rural finance collection. grievances and application resolution  Payment of Government utility bill payment services  Provide access through City  Low cost of ownership  Efficient and standardized connectivity and manage infrastructure across remote locations processes  Customer convenience demands/ levis by the citizen  Document centric services through increased transparency on citizen request  Citizen Information Services 71 .

Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited – Convenience and care to citizens ATP machine Central Database Server Cash Counter Secure Cash Transfer JVVNL’s Banker Project in brief  Develop & operate anytime anywhere Challenges  Provide convenience to citizens while Solution  Improved cash collection cycle and cash collection system for energy bills in Jaipur city  Build disaster resilient physical paying energy bills  Maintain and operate cash collection customer satisfaction levels  More than 2.5 Lakh transactions per using IT infrastructure  Manning and securing collections month across 64 centers (36 wired & 28 wireless connections) linked with 1 server  Provide scalable & secured next infrastructure with uninterrupted power generation datacenter facilities .

Trimax has been awarded the contract for the above services in Jaipur. 130 scanners & 50 servers. Offices included are Head Quarters. It will deploy experienced operators for scanning work. Kota. Ajmer. Categories of services being provided Hardware Setup & Installation Trimax will supply. circles & ward offices. Alwar & Udaipur for 3 years (28. Data Entry & Scanning Operations The work of data entry & verification of data entered will have to be carried out in the all the zones. Bikaner. install & maintain the PCs.  CTD is computerizing the implementation and administration of VAT processes. Bhilwara. Jodhpur. border & marble check-posts by Trimax.Commercial Tax Department – Effective processes through re-engineering  Commercial Taxes Department (CTD). 557 printers. printers.864 man months) 73 . Zonal Head Quarters. 850 UPS. scanners & UPS & deploy 850 desktops PCs. Circle / Ward Offices and Check-Posts. Bharatpur. Rajasthan has implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) across the State of Rajasthan with effect from 1st April 2006.

Commercial Tax Department – Effective processes through re-engineering Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Zonal Office 1 Check Post Circle 3 Zonal Office 4 Ward 2 Zonal Office 3 CTD Ward 2 Circle 4 Jaipur HQ Circle 2 Ward1 Zonal Office 2 Ward 1 Ward 1 Project in brief Check Post Check Post Challenges  Handle data entry and Solution  23 Kiosks across Jaipur City  Low cost of ownership  Efficient and standardized Computerizing the implementation and administration of VAT processes for a period of 3 years scanning processes for faster and efficient tax filing  Manage processes and technologies for tax authorities processes  Customer convenience through increased transparency 74 .

Facility Management – excellence to our clients Deliver BPO Customer    Ranked #1In Dataquest Survey 2008 Leading BPO in India 20 State of Art Facilities PAN India FMS Solution includes        Data Centre Management Services Server Management Services Mail Management Services Backup &Restore Operations Performance Monitoring &Tuning Security and Access Services Asset / Change / Problem Management       Helpdesk Call Co-ordination Incident Management Reporting & Documentation Escalation to Customer’s IT Heads Vendors Coordination & Escalation Monthly Performance presentation & SLA reviews with the customer 75 .

Facility Management – to our clients Project Snapshot Site Bangalore Chennai Dehradun GGN 231 GGN 409 GGN 9495 Deliver excellence Kolkata Noida Pondicherry Pune Thane Mumbai Barclays FME Asset Executive Call CoOrdinator MIS FTP Network Server DBA Telecom Engineer Total 13 - 8 - 5 - 2 - 14 1 5 - 9 - 1 - 7 - 9 - 11 - 9 - 2 1 2 - 2 2 1 - 2 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 - - - - 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - - 1 11 13 2 - 1 5 4 4 1 - 19 9 7 2 21 11 13 2 11 10 40 28 76 .

In addition to primary objective of risk avoidance. Involves Remote Monitoring and Management Services from the Trimax NOC in Mumbai.    77 . Paraphora focuses on loss prevention of our client’s “at risk” revenue and credibility caused by IT failures or inefficiencies.Remote Infrastructure Management – What have we done for our clients  Enzen Global Enzen Global is an Upper Quartile Consulting and Services Company working specifically in the Energy and Utilities market.   Paraphora  Paraphora offers you the gift of foresight by providing unique “Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Management services”. Enzen Global decided to go for Remote Management Services across 3 locations in South India. Paraphora offers complete lifecycle support and enhance and optimize your IT staff to ensure maximum performance. Paraphora guarantee’s the highest possible uptime and system availability thanks to our proactive monitoring and tailor-made mode of action.

   Cyber Impression  Cyber Impression has a client base of more than 2.500 customers spread across the world. and caters to the needs of large to small businesses and industrial groups.   78 . improve your bottomline and create lasting value. The services of CMPL include Med Docket and International Telemedicine Center It provides well high quality. It is service-oriented Internet Company that provides a turnkey menu for Business on the Net. Involves Remote Support and Management & Onsite Hardware Support.Remote Infrastructure Management – What have we done for our clients  Chowgule Mediconsult Private Limited (CMPL) Chowgule Mediconsult Private Limited (CMPL) is a company started by healthcare professionals with more then 30 years experience. cost effective healthcare using internationally accepted technology. It has the innovative answers to your toughest web challenges and spearhead in cutting-edge technology that is guaranteed to give your business a competitive advantage.

Trimax Value Advantage  Single point of contact for accounts  ITIL v3 approved operational processes  Simplified support and service architecture  Pool of more than 1000 subject matter experts /engineers at all the levels  Increased ease in implementation 79 .

80 .Thank you.

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