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Rare Essence: Tiny Desk Concert

Dominated by drive and momentum, heavy on percussion and bass, go-go music is all about the beat. Live, "songs" can continue on for half an hour, as the percussion continues to simmer and punctuate between and across different pieces. "That's why we call it go-go, because it goes on and goes on and goes on," as guitarist Andre Johnson put it in a documentary film. While the Tiny Desk doesn't allow for that kind of expansive get-down — though they did play seven songs — this visit by Rare Essence perfectly encapsulated the genre's incomparable meld of soul, R&B and, most importantly, funk (with
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First Watch: Jade Bird, 'Cathedral'

Coming to America to record her first official music seems so appropriate when you first hear to 19-year-old British singer Jade Bird. Her phrasing and accent feel as if they'd be as at home in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York as they would on Nashville radio. In fact, a lot about Jade Bird's music seems vastly appropriate — the title of her just-released debut EP is called Something American, those five songs recorded, of course, in the U.S., while the song and video for "Cathedral" was done upstate New York at Dreamland Studios. Dreamland is a converted church turned recording stud
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'Despacito' Quickly Becomes The Most-Streamed Song Ever

"Despacito," the Spanish-language summer smash by Puerto Rican stars Luis Fonsi and "king of reggaetón" Daddy Yankee, is now the most-streamed song in history. On Wednesday, Universal Music, which released the song in January, said the original version of the hit and the subsequent remix featuring Justin Bieber have combined for 4.6 billion plays in just six months. That remix currently sits atop Billboard's summer songs chart. Most of those plays — 2.6 billion of them — were generated on YouTube from views of the original version's music video, which is the third-most watched video in the sit
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The Boss is back…

Bruce Springsteen’s much-anticipated memoir is especially intimate in his self-narrated audiobook. Written with his characteristic lyricism and honesty, it’s a memoir as much about an American rock star as about America itself.