, an impotent dangerous medium and dangers of using the internet change.

org is an impotent, vacuous, and ostensibly democratic medium. “As seen on TV!” ;) I've subscribed myself and created seven unique petitions. I was flabbergasted to find today one of those seven actually got one signature! “You've won a new car!” [he] Obviously, your petition must be 'sponsored' in such a way as to get visibility on the system. That takes connections or money .. Not that I think most of the petitions don't deserve attention.. Just.. We all think our issues are 'most important', don't we? At first, I had the attitude that: “If I don't sign this petition, I can't hope for others to sign mine.” But.. After signing petitions for several weeks, finding out how things work, and general neglect of mine, I realized is an impotent, vacuous, and dangerous distraction. Why dangerous? Because it give us the illusion of democracy while distracting us with secondary side issues. I wouldn't be surprised to find was created by 'the ruling elite' I'm so fond of referring to. Remember from a previous article, everything we do is tracked somehow (on the internet). What pages we visit, what pages we create, what things we vote on (as in petition),.. everything is tracked. So.. could be a clever illusion of democracy and tracking device to keep tabs on 'us subversive types' who believe in true democracy. I recently applied to have my passport renewed. I wouldn't be surprised to find they rejected my application based on my 'subversive' publications. [he] I'll let you know what happens.. Back to, it should be clear the dangers associated with using/endorsing such a medium. Sure, you're honestly supporting your causes but at the same time, you're clearly identifying yourself as 'subversive' to Big Brother. About 'submitting your vote' (in causes you believe in), I believe in 'selective boycotting'. If you don't like some company, don't buy their products or services. Boycott them. It's the simplest way to 'vote' in today's commercial/materialistic society. I refuse to use: Wikipedia, Nature, or any draconian social network such as: Facebook or MSN. Be very careful about using Gmail or other huge 'public' network. Any email you have on their system can be examined by any authority for any reason. If you have anything questionable in your emailbox or archives, just delete it. Better safe than sorry .. We imagine we have privacy in today's 'internet world' via anonymity and sheer volume of data; WRONG. We couldn't be more wrong .. No data is secure unless it's encrypted and even then.. If an interceptor had the 'key', they'd have total access to the encrypted data. You must send the 'key' first in any encrypted transaction. An interceptor can just as easily intercept your encryption key as they can intercept anything else. Anything is accessible if the third party is determined.* It should be noted that encrypted emails are 'flags' on the system for authority to pay special attention. If you regularly encrypt your emails, you're basically saying to authority “Hey there! I dare you to decrypt my emails!” Think about it: there's no law saying they cannot. When we 'switched over' from telephone to internet, we basically gave up any privacy rights. Any internet conversation, text, voice, or video, can be monitored at any time by anybody clever enough to intercept your conversation. There's no law against this. There's no such thing as 'internet privacy'. There should be but there isn't. And don't hold any hope for it either. Internet privacy goes against the

whole reason for creation of the internet: monitor and control. *There are two ways to perform a secure transaction with somebody: 1. alternate path key and 2. VPN. Alternate path key is exactly what it says: you determine an alternate secure path for you to transfer your encryption key (like an un-tapped phone line). VPN stands for virtual private network and is the preferred method for regular secure business transactions. You'll be familiar with this if you work for a large organization such as a university or large corporation. If you don't, there are ways to cheaply create a VPN on a smaller scale but that goes beyond the scope of this article. Please perform your own internet research on 'small scale VPN' if you have the need.

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