Mid-range Routing Market is growing to $ 1.3 billion by 2013*
Huge Refresh Opportunity to replace Large Installed base close to EOL/EOS
Flexibility & Upgradability make the Juniper mid-range MX Series routers ideal for campus,
data center interconnect and service provider WAN.
*Sources: Dell’Oro, IDC, Infonetics and Juniper allocations

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Building a Universal Enterprise WAN

High performance and secure solutions for Large-Scale connectivity
Juniper’s universal WAN is composed of new compact form factor additions to the MX Series,
3D Universal Edge Routing portfolio and configuration updates to the SRX Series Services
Gateways. The combined solution delivers a comprehensive enterprise and branch routing
portfolio that drives business continuity and flexibility while enabling new levels of deployment,
maintenance and support simplicity.
Introducing the MX Series midrange routers and SRX Series branch routers MX Mid-range Portfolio

20 Gbps
MX 5

40 Gbps
MX 10

60 Gbps
MX 40
Midrange Router* First MIC Slot** Second MIC Slot 10GbE Port Software License Up grade
MX5 ● ●

M10 ● ● ●
80 Gbps
MX40 ● ● ● ●
MX 80
MX80 ● ● ● N/A

* All MX Series services and features are supported across the midrange routers.
** Modular Interface Controller (MIC) slots are fully flexible and support all Ethernet and non-Ethernet MICs available across the MX series.
MX Features & Benefits

Feature Benefits
Scalability  Capacity - 20 Gbps (MX5) to 40 Gbps (MX10) to 60 Gbps (MX40) to 80 Gbps (MX80)
through software licensing
 Ethernet -10/100 Mbps to GbE to 10GbE
 Time-division multiplexing (TDM) interfaces DS3 to OC48

Junos OS  Industry-leading performance in a compact form factor
 Software development kit (Junos SDK) that allows third parties to develop applications on Junos OS

Cloud-ready virtualization  Device virtualization - virtual router, logical systems, and virtual switch
 Link virtualization - VLAN, link aggregation group (LAG), generic routing encapsulation
(GRE), and MPLS label-switched path (LSP)

Advanced IP routing  RFC 2547.bis IP/MPLS VPN (L3 VPN) - full support for MPLS VPNs throughout
the Ethernet network
 Multicast VPN

Inline services  Flow monitoring: support flow monitoring and sampling services inline in the data path
 Static Network Address Translation (NAT) - map private addresses to public addresses

Tunneling protocols  GRE unicast tunneling - supports GRE fragmentation
 IP-IP unicast tunneling, multicast tunneling
 Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) sparse mode unicast tunneling
 Virtual loopback tunneling (VT)

Key Requirements MX and Junos Features Juniper Advantages
Data Center Flexibility 140 Gbps, L2 Stretch (VPLS), MAC Over 3x raw performance
Interconnect Service Segmentation Scale VPLS, MPLS/VPN, VR/LR VPLS, Higher MPLS/VPN
Availability FRR/TE/BFD QoS Superior multicast performance in MPLS
Class of Service Standards Compliant
Standards based

Internet Edge Control Intelligence Route Table Scale, V4/V6 Much better control plane scale
Scalability/Flexibility DS3 to 10GE Faster convergence
Security Firewall Filters, Policies, IDP Higher range of interfaces

WAN Core Service Segmentation IP Routing, Policies, MPLS/VPN, VR/LR Much higher total performance
Availability FRR/TE/BFD Control plane segmentation for Public/Private WAN (LR)
Scalability T1/E1 to to 10GE Point to Multipoint Multicast
Class of Service QoS Scalable inline JFlow

WAN Service Segmentation MPLS/VPN, VR/LR Much better range of interfaces, better virtualization and
Aggregation Control Intelligence Zones/Policies, MPLS/VPLS MPLS, higher control plane scale
Security DS3 to OC-48

Branch Ease of Use and Setup Startup Wizard, One Junos Much better security and higher performance
Security/Service Separation Encryption, Zones/Policies, MPLS/ Control plane segmentation for public/private WAN (LR)
Zero Touch Support VPLS Service Now
ServiceNow (Remote Configuration)

All of Above Manageability One OS, ServiceNow More rock solid OS and SDK flexibility
Feature Velocity SDK (Third Party Applications) Service Now end to end
Predictable Maintenance Junos Release Cycle Only single OS end to end
MID-RANGE MX SERIES - Selling Guidance

è Ideal for smaller environments that need Advanced Routing and high-performance of MX and SRX

è Ideal where space and power constraints exist

è Optimized for Ethernet and non-Ethernet interfaces

è Position MX Midrange against ASR 1000 series

è Position SRX Series to displace ISR at branch locations

è Ideal for WAN edge, Data Center Interconnect, Campus, Inter-DC Connectivity


MX Mid-Range offers uncompromising reliability, performance, scalability for the most demanding enterprise WAN needs

Pay as you grow model offers a variety of insertion points with ability to scale -in the future

Drive superior customer experience via Service Now, Junos Space and Junos Sphere

Create an opportunity for “portfolio selling”: pulling through additional security and switching

Attach consulting, transition and deployment services
EXCLUSIVE SERVICES - Only Available at Netex!

Netex provides Juniper resellers a unique set of services

Configure to Order: Netex can handle single or bulk-configuration
Assemble systems based on quotes made by Juniper.  Load specific types of Junos.
Pre-assembly (under ESD conditions) of units instead of shipping  Pre-load a staging-configuration provided by the Juniper partner
separate parts: System check done! which Netex staging team can upload onto the system before ship-
ment to provided locations.
When a DOA occurs Netex will exclude the DOA part and replace
with a working unit.
Lead Time:
This results in increased efficiency & quality for the Juniper partner &
We improve delivery time from 6-12 weeks to 2-3 days
 In some situations, product lead times define the decision of the
choice of partner/brand.
 Having a shorter lead time, improves the sales cycle and the
technical implementation.
Drop Ship CTO
Stock availability:
Lead Time (Order to Receipt): 28 Reduce Lead time: 2/3 days or  For business continuity reasons MX products are stocked in our
days avg è less: Higher customer satisfaction two European warehouses; this results in large stock availability and
fast shipments all over Europe.
Products configured at CM site Extend manufacturing and
 Netex having stock of the most commonly requested MX-items ;
leading to longer delivery cycle
è leverage distribution for simple
modular configurations will increase customer satisfaction.

Configuration/Quote validation Netex can validate complex Partner Enablement:
takes Juniper's time & resources
è configurations using channel
New & Dedicated Technical workshops, sales webinars and
technical certification courses are now available.
Spares not stockable, 90% orders Spares stockable, reduced drop
are drop shipped è ship orders

Lost opportunities Quick Turn arround business; Contact your Neteks Specialist:
è Drive opportunities in enterprise
segment with higher efficiencies | tel. +90 212 331 2322

Contact your Juniper Sales Specialist

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Professional Services
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More information on Juniper MX SOLUTIONS

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 MX Mid-Range Presentation
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