Perform real-time network discovery, topology visualization and root-cause analysis

IBM Tivoli Network Manager software

Gaining visibility into your network is a key factor in helping achieve profitability and operational efficiency for two main reasons: • Often, time is spent chasing alarms that are merely symptomatic of deeper, underlying problems. Troubleshooting network faults is a major challenge for organizations that are trying to manage “more with less.” • Discovering known and hidden network assets can help you get more out of those assets and increase efficiency. IBM Tivoli® Network Manager software is designed to help organizations improve network visibility and drive reliability and performance. You can use the software to collect and distribute layers 1 through 3 network data — and thereby build and maintain knowledge about physical and logical network connectivity. With accurate network visibility, you can efficiently and effectively visualize and manage complex networks — and, more importantly, the

services delivered across them. Tivoli Network Manager software easily integrates with operational support systems (OSS) and other mission-critical workflow applications. Tivoli Network Manager software also provides valuable advanced fault correlation and diagnosis capabilities. Real-time root-cause analysis helps operations personnel quickly identify the source of network faults and speed problem resolution. Furthermore, the software’s asset control capabilities help organizations optimize utilization to realize greater return from network resources. Tivoli Network Manager software delivers highly accurate, real-time information — about network connectivity, availability, performance, usage and inventory — that is vital to achieving flow-through provisioning and maximum return on network assets.

H  elp increase the availability and performance of critical business services by leveraging advanced correlation, automated diagnostics and root-cause analysis  rive operations efficiency by rapidly D isolating the root causes of network downtime — right down to the node and port levels — and addressing problems before they become outages that hamper business  elp minimize unnecessary hardware H investments and network overbuild by obtaining visibility into unused ports and recovering lost capacity and physical assets  elp optimize customer service and H satisfaction by proactively identifying issues that could affect services

It also builds and maintains a knowledgebase of network connectivity that enables advanced fault correlation diagnosis and asset control. including virtual private network (VPN). physical connectivity and logical connectivity for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). Tivoli Network Manager Transmission Edition. billing and provisioning systems — and reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses. This discovery engine monitors network resources for real-time status and continually updates its database with new information as the network Accurately discover and map layer 1 network topology The other Tivoli Network Manager discovery engine. Automatic network discovery provides an ideal alternative to manual processes because it helps minimize the time and cost associated with maintaining accurate asset knowledge. it offers out-of-thebox support for capturing information from multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services. Your organization can use the accurate network picture to help reconcile offline systems — such as inventory. Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition captures logical connectivity information. but also the physical. Tivoli Network Manager software discovers.  .Tivoli Network Manager software features a common visualization layer that draws on a consolidated database. changes. port-to-port connectivity between devices. which collects information from two data discovery engines: IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition and IBM Tivoli Network Manager Transmission Edition. Furthermore. virtual local area network (VLAN). Obtain an accurate picture of layer 2 and layer 3 network devices and their connectivity Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition automatically discovers IP networks and gathers and maps topology data to deliver a complete picture of layer 2 and layer 3 devices. automatically discovers layer 1 transmission networks — deepening the visibility into layers 2 and 3 that the software Tivoli Network Manager Transmission Edition collects inventory information. It captures not only the overall inventory. models and maps device-to-device network relationships. including layer 2 and layer 3 VPNs from leading vendors. provides. asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and frame relay.

connectivity and more — to your employees and to the processes you use to reconcile with offline OSS databases. • Discover hidden and existing assets to help optimize asset utilization and return on invested capital (ROIC). • Facilitate efficient. your organization can: • Determine the viability of new services and available capacity for service deployment — helping minimize time to market and deferred capital expenditures. • Understand how many network devices are being used — and leverage that information to help reduce the annual maintenance bill. complex. Its adaptive design and functionality enable organizations to quickly assimilate new technologies — and thereby support large incremental subnets or network build-outs. customer information. The software analyzes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) information from industry-standard SNMP devices to pinpoint the underlying cause of device problems. Furthermore. accessible Netcool® Common Information Model database to facilitate asset reporting and reconciliation. when a complex set of symptoms is identified. active services. Tivoli Network Manager software also proactively detects progressive service degradation and.Facilitate real-time root-cause analysis and speed problem resolution Tivoli Network Manager software can also help your staff identify the root causes of network downtime. the software dynamically updates the topology database and maps. billing and more. Manage network assets Tivoli Network Manager software stores all discovered asset data in the open. device-specific diagnoses — explaining why a device deviates from normal behavior and recommending a solution. When problems occur. By drawing on information from the Netcool Common Information Model database. Deliver network management views to customers Service providers can leverage Tivoli Network Manager software to offer a packaged customer network management solution to their customers. It also provides real-time. communicates potential problems. without manual intervention. As the network changes. Leverage a highly scalable and flexible solution Tivoli Network Manager software offers the scalability required to handle large. such as those for inventory. you help dramatically reduce administrative costs — and can save substantial time and effort. Network maps are automatically generated and maintained by Tivoli Network Manager software. By automating these information exchanges. the software automatically navigates the operator through the appropriate network topology map to the root problematic device. Its modular design means that you can add custom polling methods to support additional protocols and technologies. the software offers great flexibility by supporting a variety of polling and data-gathering techniques. the network operator can immediately view data about other impacted devices and end-user systems. fast-growing networks. You can leverage the database to provide critical asset information —  . Once there. you help eliminate substantial manual efforts. and thereby can significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve network faults. port and circuit provisioning states. Automate topology maintenance including device capacity and utilization. error-free “order-to-cash” service delivery operations. provisioning. By automating map maintenance.

which many of the world’s leading service providers use to consolidate and manage events. or visit ibm. • Filtered alarm views for circuit and node  . most complex. topology and root-cause analysis. network performance. which help service providers demonstrate compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). • Status of all nodes supporting these circuits. For more information To learn more about how Tivoli Network Manager software helps you perform real-time network discovery. root-cause and symptom events Netcool Common Information Model Event engine Events and alarms Transmission discovery IP and Ethernet discovery Probes and precision SNMP and ping monitor Network / NMS / EMS Deliver views such as: • End-to-end view of the customer’s circuits. Tivoli Network Manager software supports the IBM Tivoli Netcool software portfolio. service quality and the customer experience across some of the largest.Tivoli Network Manager software high-level architecture Inventory reporting Visualization (Web-based GUI framework) Topology and device details Automations and topology-based RCA Consolidated. heterogeneous environments. contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

a scalable. Tivoli software enables you to deliver service excellence in support of your business objectives through integration and automation of processes.0 on Intel® Pentium® 32-bit • Microsoft® Windows® 2003 server and XP on Intel x86 32-bit • IBM AIX® 5L 5.tivoli-ug.About Tivoli software from IBM Tivoli software provides a comprehensive set of offerings and capabilities in support of IBM Service Management. open standards–based Tivoli service management platform is complemented by proactive operational management solutions that provide end-to-end visibility and Tivoli Network Manager software at a glance Supported platforms: • Sun Solaris 8. IBM Support and an active ecosystem of IBM Business Partners. workflows and tasks.3 on IBM System p™  . It is also backed by world-class IBM Services. The security-rich. 9 and 10 on Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC • Red Hat Enterprise Linux® ES/AS 2. Tivoli customers and partners can also leverage each other’s best practices by participating in independently run IBM Tivoli User Groups around the world — visit www. modular approach used to deliver more efficient and effective services to your business.1 and ES/AS 3. Meeting the needs of any size business.

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