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Today’s young employees (called Gen Y) bring to their jobs new expectations for work styles and workplaces. These expectations, along with a corporate emphasis on creating a culture of collaboration, are changing how work gets done at Cisco, to the benefit of all employees and the company. These changes encompass new designs for workspaces and Cisco offices as well as tools for working anywhere, using a companyowned laptop or an employee’s personal mobile device. Attracting and Engaging the Gen Y Workforce
Members of Gen Y have these interests and traits: • Desire for more flexibility on where, when, and how work gets done, with continuous movement from work to personal activities and back again throughout their working hours • Strong interest in working collaboratively in teams to reach a goal or solve a problem. • Limited regard for hierarchical boundaries between teams and job levels. • High interest and involvement in making and maintaining connections with others, based on common interests and experiences. • Low attachment to stability and routine, with more interest in work that involves a variety of activities and interactions. Of course, these interests aren’t limited to Gen Y. Employees of all ages today increasingly want more choices for where, when, and how they do their work. Simply put, they want to create a better work/life balance, so they can more easily handle all of their responsibilities. Cisco recognizes the value of supporting this balance by providing space, policies, and tools to help employees work on flexible schedules, in any location.

77 percent of employees prefer the new environment, and 82 percent report an increase in work satisfaction

82 percent indicate the new office design improves communications

Redesigned Workspaces and Tools for Mobility
In Cisco offices worldwide, many employees do not have an assigned workspace, because the nature of their work means that they are not in the same place all day, every day. Instead, each time they go to a Cisco office, these employees can choose an available workspace that meets their needs at the moment, from an individual desk in a quiet area ... to a lounge area with sofas and chairs for a spontaneous team meeting ... to a formal, enclosed meeting room ... to a standing countertop for quickly checking email or making a phone call. The flexible and open office environment, called the Cisco® Connected Workplace, was initially adopted in most Cisco sales offices around the world and is now the standard office design inside the company. 80 percent say it is easier to find a meeting room and 62 percent say it is easier to find quiet space because many more areas are dedicated to those purposes Although the new space design meets employee needs while they’re working in a Cisco office, they may work just as often at home, a customer site, or a coffee shop. Their work hours are not the standard eight to five either. Instead, work and personal activities are often intermingled across the span of day and night, serving both personal preference and the communications needs of a global company.

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Gen Y Flexible Workplace
Cisco IT Insights

Business Impact
Financial Benefits • Space reduction per person: 30% • CAPEX reduction for furniture: 55% • CAPEX reduction for cabling and infrastructure: 50% • Power usage reduction, per person: 58% • Total workplace resource cost reduction per person: 50% • Reduced costs for space reconfiguration • Lower absenteeism and employee turnover rates Operational Benefits • Increased productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among employees • Reduced energy consumption and environmental impact • Reduced e-waste (fewer electronic devices dedicated per employee) • Better positioned for business resilience • Improved ability to attract and retain employees • Enhanced employee comfort and job satisfaction Supporting Cisco Technologies • Cisco wireless access point controllers • Cisco IP phones with Extension Mobility and Single Number Reach features, soft phones, and Cisco WebEx® Connect • Cisco Any Connect VPN client and Cisco VPN router; VPN access concentrators and security solutions • Cisco TelePresence®, Cisco IP Television, Cisco Show and Share® video, Cisco digital signage solutions • Collaboration and social sharing platform based on Cisco WebEx Social Cisco Facilities • 22 million square feet • 536 buildings • 303 cities • 91 countries • 83,000 people housed

Several Cisco technologies and product solutions support this dynamic flexibility in employee work, starting with wireless access to the corporate network at all company sites. Alternatives to a dedicated desk phone, such as the Extension Mobility feature, laptop-based softphones, and mobile devices with Single Number Reach, allow employees to easily make and receive voice calls anywhere. Secure VPN technology allows employees to connect to work from home offices, or anywhere they can get Internet access. Collaboration tools such as Cisco TelePresence and desktop video increase the number of ways that people can meet and share information, regardless of location.

Results That Benefit Everyone
Dynamic office spaces and work routines is not just a nice benefit that Cisco offers to employees. These options also produce strong results for the company. Cost Savings. Because more people can be assigned to a given space, the office redesign allows for substantial savings in both initial capital expenses and ongoing operational costs. Business Continuity and Teleworking. The culture of working flexibly makes it much easier for people to telework from home one or more days a week. Working flexibly is also a powerful tool for business continuity during a building closure, a pandemic, or natural disaster. Globalization. A flexible work style, teleworking, video, and collaboration tools help build effective global teams. Cisco is changing its office environment and practices to match the new work habits, tools, and locations that are now expected by employees, especially Gen Y. As Cisco has found, the productivity and satisfaction of employees, as well as the results for the company, are better because of these changes.

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